Today we're proud to announce a new offering, VPS hosting! We offer a wide range of VPS plans that are capable of meeting the needs of anyone. Our VPS plans start for as little as $149.95/mo With a VPS you have complete and full root level access to the system, you can install any software you'd like, and all the resources (ex. CPU, RAM, disk) of your VPS are just for you, no sharing here!

We currently offer CentOS 7, 8 and Stream, Debian 9 and 10, Ubuntu 16, 18 and 20, AlmaLinux and Windows Server 2019 (you'll need to bring your own license for Windows).

You can manage your VPS via our easy to use control panel. From here you can start, stop, reboot, and create new VPS'. The panel also lets you see other information and statistics about your VPS as well as utilize a web terminal to interact with your VPS.

Monday, July 5, 2021

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